Urbanism in your hands !

For how long have you been waiting to play as an Urban investor? Longtime right. At CityZeen, we empower you to co-design and define the services and infrastructure your family or colleagues need. You run campaigns!


From the web or mobile, you can upload or support other projects (Brown or Green infrastructure, with your neighbors or colleagues, you can build micro-grids networks, Autonomous fleet vehicles, drones, etc).


You can help your Town through CityZeen you can drive your taxes or invest. Our decentralized system is a unique, fully-dedicated channel to exchange with Urban planning players


As an exclusive member, we work with you to improve your City, We help you to organize information, projects & potential investments. your insights became the most valuable asset for your well-being.

cityzeen.co / +1 718 618 4918

Welcome to City Zeen

If your are living in Medellin, Toronto or Shenzhen, I can now invest in projects that before were only for an Elite.

Polls, surveys, public decisions: now you can handle all these from my mobile. No more e-mails, boring questions. I can use my cart to share projects or join others. that is what makes my City vibrant!

My token is a currency, rights & information. Now it is very cool to see a whole bunch of urban projects, real estate initiatives that I can support with my peers

Until today, Cities have only seen you in terms of taxes, penalties and complicated Identification processes or inadequate KYC (Know your customer). CityZeen redesigns that relationship.

CityZeen gives you the power to co-deisgn by projects your City. It Simplifies, speed and secure funding initiatives to solve urban planning for you and your family.  

A City to serve you.
Our system empowers your Governance.

Funding process comes from residents, developers and Urban planning

CityZeen connects all three in one ledger through our Blockchain system

Residents design projects

Urban planning execute


The Genome of cities is people; we believe that we are designing new models of Governance. At CityZeen, we aim to shape the debate about privacy. People can only understand something so complex, using a tool that clarifies why their Identity matters for yourself and your community.

We are building the best possible platform to demonstrate how amazing, unique and valuable can be your thoughts, feelings or decisions, in terms of challenging procurement and voting, to improve City operations, and to receive tailor-made urban services.


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Investors needs residents to make better decisions on assets

Urban planners & economic departments love CityZeen channel  

Do you want understand your audience? and allocate better resources to your projects ?

Let's work together call us at:

(+1) 718-514-9539 - New York City

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The 5th Utility


CityZeen fans

My voice is heard !

City Partner

Urban-Planning in one ledger

When I pay my taxes, I have the feeling that I am not involved into the decision-making process. With CityZeen I can have a unique channel with Private developers & Gov teams to select projects that matters.

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City departments are designing new services:mobility,streetlights,SENSORS, ROADS, TOLLS, HOUSING, FACILITIES, They use Cityzeen to exchange with our hero:

Jonathan Kilpatrick


A virtual City on top of the physical, for people

Urban developers, Private Investors, Residents, now they can engage to make the City a better place

Jonathan plays his token, to participate in campaigns for Urban planning. Jonathan loves to meet/share projects with Infrastructure teams "Urban planning" & private developers to make choices for his family needs. Sometimes he wins (submit/share); sometimes he loses but his voice is heard. That is why he uses CityZeen (Zeen-Token).

Jonathan trades his token; like him other thousands can do the same to make choices or invest in Urban Infrastructure.  Now Urban planners, Architects, Urban landscape, Developers, are working in the same ledger to improve well-being. For the City it's a treasure to count on its brave residents !

San Francisco

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